Optimize your app experience

Streamline the way you run, analyze, and scale product and marketing experiments with the power to test changes to your app's UI, features, or engagement campaigns.

Intelligently grow your app with experiments

Firebase A/B Testing helps you improve your app by making it easy to run, analyze, and scale product and marketing experiments. It gives you the power to test changes to your app's UI, features, AI systems, or engagement campaigns to see how they impact your key metrics before you implement them widely.

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Achieve your business goals

Firebase A/B Testing shows you the impact app changes have on your most important business metrics. Out-of-the-box, it tracks retention, revenue, and engagement. In conjunction with Google Analytics for Firebase, you can also track how user actions change in each experiment.

Customize experiments to test a variety of updates

Firebase A/B Testing gives you the flexibility to customize your experiment to suit your unique app needs. You determine what elements you want to test, which users to target, what parameters to put in place, and how many variants to include. Want to revamp your onboarding flow? Tweak the copy of your notifications? Or even change the frequency of your ad intermissions? Anything that can be defined in a variable can be tested with Firebase A/B Testing because it works seamlessly with both Cloud Messaging and Remote Config

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Rollout changes with confidence

Roll out changes with confidence

Using sophisticated analysis on the backend, Firebase A/B Testing will help you determine not only which variation performed best, but also if these results are statistically significant. Stop worrying about potential repercussions of app updates; use Firebase A/B Testing to test, modify and roll out changes to your app with confidence.

Empower your team without eating up engineering time

A/B testing is important, but it requires a significant amount of engineering effort to create the infrastructure needed to run an A/B test. With Firebase A/B Testing, set-up is quick and easy. Once A/B testing is configured, anyone in your organization can run and analyze experiments because Firebase A/B Testing fits naturally with your experimentation process. It doesn't change the way you work; it allows you to iterate faster, and at larger scale

Empower your team without eating up engineering time


Learn how to get started with A/B Testing by reviewing our technical documentation.


A/B Testing is a no cost tool within the Firebase platform.