Scope of No-cost Support

We can help you with many tasks, such as resolving billing and account issues, but some questions are out of scope, like helping you write or debug code or consulting requests. If that’s what you need, we recommend our awesome communities on Stack Overflow, Slack, and Google Groups.

Here's a summary of the types of tasks we can help with, and also the ones we can't.

Tasks we can help with Tasks we can't help with
Account management In-depth assistance designing apps
Billing and quotas Integrating with third party libraries
Technical questions about Firebase Google services outside of Firebase
Feature requests and bug reports Sales requests and questionnaires
Outages (see our status dashboard) Interpreting the Terms of Service

Below you'll find more detailed explanations of these types and some examples to help you better understand if your question is something our support team can assist you with.

Tasks we can help with

Account management

Example tasks/questions:

  • Trouble accessing account. For example, you don't know the credentials for an account that manages a project.
  • Trouble accessing project. For example, an employee left the company without transferring ownership.
  • Restoring or deleting accounts.

Billing and quotas

Example tasks/questions:

  • Questions about how billing works for specific products. Note that we do not have access to any kind of transactional logs and cannot provide manual analysis of your project's usage.
  • Determining if a quota is being reached.
  • Questions about how quotas are enforced.
  • Reversing charges in cases of software bugs, fraud, or abuse.

Technical questions about Firebase

Example tasks/questions:

  • "Can Firebase do <specific use case>?" We can give you advice, but not detailed code.
  • Questions about a method or feature isn't working as documented/expected. We can help if you have a reliable example that shows the problem.
  • Questions about how to accomplish very specific Firebase-related tasks using the API. It's helpful to include what you've tried so far and minimal steps to reproduce. Also, you can cite existing examples to help differentiate this from consulting requests.
  • Advice on optimizing your app's usage, such as storage space or bandwidth, for specific Firebase products.

Feature requests & bug reports

Example tasks/questions:

  • Reproducible (or reasonably detailed) bug reports that demonstrate a behavior which contradicts our public documentation.
  • All feature requests are gladly accepted. We love hearing from you!

Firebase health

Example tasks/questions:

  • "Is Firebase down?" We will double-check our internal monitoring tools, perform a reasonable sanity test on the service, and provide a yes or no answer.
  • "Firebase service X appears to be down/slow/unresponsive." We will troubleshoot these if we can reproduce or there is compelling evidence that it is not just an application bug or client connectivity issue.

Language support

  • We provide full support in English.
  • Non-English cases have limited support and exclude troubleshooting requests.
  • We recommend sharing screenshots in English.

Tasks we can't help with

Integrating with third party libraries

We do not support troubleshooting or debugging of problems related to any product other than Firebase. This includes integrations between Firebase and other products. One thing to check would be if it still occurs when you remove the non-Firebase products from the picture. If a problem can be reproduced without third party tools, we are happy to help troubleshoot. If not, we probably don't have the expertise to help and will likely just make things worse. Questions of this nature are best directed to our community channels.

Google Services outside of Firebase

We don't provide setup or coding support for Android or Apple platforms (we will help with Firebase-specific questions on these platforms), Google Cloud products, Ads, Gmail, or general help with JavaScript, Asynchronous programming, Unity setup, or any other question that's not directly related to Firebase functionality. You can try asking in our community channels.

If you have a Google Cloud product questions, please visit the Google Cloud Support Page.

General consulting services

We do not design or architect apps. We also do not provide general consulting services. Please check out our community channels.

Sales requests and exploratory discussions

We cannot set up phone calls, meetings, generate RFPs or answer large lists of questions. We're working on better tooling for supporting enterprise needs, but for now, Firebase is entirely self-service.