Create invite links

Invite links are an optional, easy way to increase your internal testing base by letting users add themselves to your list of app testers. An invite link is a unique URL that lets testers enter their email addresses to sign up to test an app.

You create an invite link in the Invite links tab of the App Distribution page, which is located in the Firebase console. We recommend that you add a domain restriction and a group. To learn more, see Domain restrictions and Groups.

Domain restrictions

A domain restriction allows only those testers with an email address matching the domain, for example, to sign up to test the app.


Adding a group to an invite link means that testers who sign up are automatically added to that group. When a tester is added to a group, they are added to all of the releases to which that group has been given access. To learn more about groups, see Add and remove testers from a group.

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