Firebase Genkit is fully instrumented with OpenTelemetry and provides hooks to export telemetry data.

Telemetry Configuration

Genkit's configuration supports a telemetry block that exposes instrumentation (trace and metrics) and logging hooks, allowing plugins to provide OpenTelemetry and logging exporters.

  telemetry: {
    instrumentation: ...,
    logger: ...

Genkit ships with a Google Cloud plugin which exports telemetry to Cloud's operations suite.

Trace Store

The traceStore option is complementary to the telemetry instrumentation. It lets you inspect your traces for your flow runs in the Genkit Developer UI. It requires a separate configuration which provides a trace storage implementation. The firebase plugin offers a Firestore-based implementation. This configuration is optional, but is recommended because it lets you inspect and debug issues in production. When using Firestore-based trace storage you will want to enable TTL for the trace documents:

import { firebase } from '@genkit-ai/plugin-firebase';

  plugins: [firebase()],
  traceStore: 'firebase',